July 31, 2012

Fantasy Fiction Options for Young Readers and Writers

The fantasy fiction genre is fun for young readers. They can immerse themselves in its vivid worlds, where magic takes center stage, animals and plants assume human qualities, and wizards and witches possess power for good or for evil.

This season, Enslow Publishers offers ways for tweens and young adults to enjoy reading and writing in this genre. Our new fantasy fiction trilogy -- a first for Enslow -- provides a rich tapestry of episodes, characters, and atmosphere which readers can imaginatively explore at their leisure. The Brightworking Saga: Book I of The Brightstone Saga, the lead title in author Paul B. Thompson's trilogy, introduces the series's age-peer heroes, their encounters with magic, and their adventures in new, colorful worlds. The 160-page book is available in a hardcover trade edition for $17.95.

Meanwhile, Enslow's new Write Fantasy Fiction in 5 Steps offers young patrons who love to write, or for library outreach programs focusing on writing, another way to explore the fantasy genre. Author Laura Lee McKay's accessible 48-page work shows aspiring writers how to craft an exciting fantasy. The book, part of Enslow's "Creative Writing in 5 Simple Steps" series, is available in library editions for $17.95. That price represents a 25% discount from Enslow's list price for this book.

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