December 3, 2013

Looking for inventor biographies for different grade levels?

Genius Inventors and Their Great Ideas is written for the upper elementary reader, while Genius at Work! Great Inventor Biographies is geared toward the middle school reader.

The seven titles in Genius Inventors and Their Great Ideas cover Philo T. Farnsworth (TV,) George Ferris (Ferris wheel,) Stephanie Kwolek (Kevlar,) Theodore H. Maiman (laser,) James Naismith (basketball,) Les Paul (electric guitar,) and Vivien Thomas (cardiac surgery.) All of these titles are correlated to the Common Core, and are available in library, paperback, and eBook formats.

The Genius at Work! Great Inventor Biographies series contains six titles, each of which is also correlated to the Common Core. George Ferris, Theodore H. Maiman, and Les Paul are also in this series, with the addition of Thomas Gallaudet (sign language,) Igor Sikorsky (helicopter,) and Madam C.J. Walker (hair care products.) These titles are available as library-bound books.

All of the above titles can be found at your local independent bookstore, your preferred vendor, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and

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